Life tiles-1

Yes, my mind got disturbed when I read in the news that a video game programmer can influence a player to such an extent that he forsakes life to win the game.

This means that a player, keeping his mind wide open, removes all obstacles willingly to get influenced. The obstacles are like very busy and no time, very difficult to do, feel sleepy and a lot more for other daily duties. This goes to show that a player has to understand what is the video game and its good and bad effects, the limitation of its importance. A player should understand, the game is a diversion for the brain which is working continuously on the same track. It is like turning over to the other side while sleeping. But after some diversion resuming daily routine is important. Showing excessive importance to trivial things indicate some kind of psychological deficiency of the player.

So I feel, to heal my thoughts, injured by news of the suicides, I have to spare time to save a future player, by finding probable cause. I encourage readers to build upon my ideas and offer their explanations as to why these players are influenced by video games.

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