Yes, I am going to do same, as an old man speaks whatever he knows irrespective of the listener. Please don’t mind if it does not suit you. But I am definite somebody will be there suitable for it. This I am writing because whenever I read daily news in the paper some news hurt so deep that I cant sleep. For example recent suicide of people due to a particular video game, irrespective of young and grown. That news made me think and analyze where is the gap that makes the people think to the extent that their life is less worth. So, I think I can start to write outcome of thinking and my opinion.(you can post your comment but not a discussion)I will try to think according to your thinking but not with an assurance.Thanking you all for reading and proved that you have some patience. This is my way of thinking and not expecting anybody to change theirs.Regarding me, I am a degree holder from both human and GOD. Human gave B.A and GOD gave me Senior citizen (human says this is also we gave). Thank for HIS grace and I am HE.

Thanks for reading.

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